Median Prices for Boston Condos for Sale

Boston’s housing market has seen a huge increase in condo sales over the past decade.  The inventory for single family homes in the city just could not keep up with the rapidly growing metro population, and as a result, Boston’s Housing a Changing City initiative sought to add tens of thousands of residential units by the year 2030.  The result was a boom in multi-unit building construction that added tens of thousands of new Boston condo listings over the past 7 years.  

Now, if your looking to buy real estate in the city, you will have many more options of condos for sale in Boston than single family or multi family homes.  As a result, prices for condos tend to be much more affordable than single family homes in Boston due to a higher inventory supply.  So what will a condo cost you in Boston?  Well, that all depends on where you look, and how you measure it.  First we’ll look at Median Sales prices for condos in Boston over the past year. 

Boston Median Condo Sales Prices

The median sales price for a condo in Boston is $693,201. That figure can vary widely depending on which neighborhood you look at.  For example in Seaport, Boston’s most expensive neighborhood to buy a condo, the median sales price for condominiums is $1.86M over the past year.  In contrast, West Roxbury is the most affordable place to buy a condo at $451K median sales price.  So there are still places in Boston where you can buy a home for under $500K.

There are 6 neighborhoods where the median condo sales price is over $1M.  Those neighborhoods are Seaport ($1.86M), Back Bay ($1.69M), Downtown ($1.40M), Beacon Hill ($1.19M), Bay Village ($1.15M), and South End ($1.06M).  

On the opposite end of the price spectrum, there are 4 neighborhoods where the median condo sales price is under $500K.  Those neighborhoods are West Roxbury ($451K), Hyde Park ($458K), Brighton ($478K), and Allston ($490K).  

Boston Condos Price Per Square Foot

Price per square foot is often a more realistic approach to finding what a condo would cost you if you know roughly the size of the condo you are looking to buy.  The average price per square foot in Boston is $710 over the past 365 days.  And like Median Sales Price, it varies widely by neighborhood.

Seaport is still the most expensive place to buy a condo when price per square foot is considered.  The average price per square foot in Seaport is $1,594.  Hyde Park is the most affordable in terms of price per square foot at $359.

There are 5 neighborhoods in Boston where price per square foot is above $1,000.  They are Seaport ($1,594), Back Bay ($1,272), Beacon Hill ($1,238), Downtown ($1,134), and South End ($1,045).

There are 7 neighborhoods where price per square foot is below $500 in Boston.  Those neighborhoods are Hyde Park ($359), Mattapan ($378), Roxbury ($392), Dorchester ($420), West Roxbury ($436), Roslindale ($439), and Fort Hill ($446).